1. To spread knowledge pertaining to patient awareness and benefit of the society.

2. To arrange conference, seminars, cultural programs, advertisement, publications, promotional activities, meeting, health camps, interactive discussion, dedication campaigning, preventive health activities and maintaining websites and other electronic methods for the benefit of patients and their family.

3. To perform research that benefit patients and the society.

4. To assist or take up educational activities, which shall directly or indirectly benefit the patients and their family.

5. To spread knowledge among doctors, teachers and other members of the society.

6. To carry out programs aided by the Government or non-government organizations for the attainment of aforesaid objectives.

7. To provide opportunities for patient, their family members, students, educators to advance their knowledge and career through journals, papers, brochures, pamphlets, website, meeting, research, discussion and various other philanthropic activities.

8. To provide forum for presentation and discussion of refereed and invited feedback concerning patient awareness and innovation.

9. To publish original papers, monographs, books, and literary materials with the aim to develop materials or products that benefit patients, society, students and doctors.

10. To provide opportunities for cooperation with other organizations the aims of which are compatible with that of SPREAD

11. To provide members with feedback concerning the Spread’s affairs.

12. To apply for and acquire any patents, patents right, copyrights, trade marks, formulas, licenses etc. to advance healthcare