ILUMINA on 10.11.2020 at 3 PM: Basics of statistical analysis by Prof. UC Ghoshal. Link: Meeting ID: 811 9314 9136 Passcode: STBMI

SPREAD Patient Education Initiative

Patient Education is a cornerstone for successful healthcare including patient's compliances.

SPREAD HealthCare Initiative

In the face of scaricity of health professional & their time,it will help healthcare delievery.

SPREAD Research & Innovation Initiative

SPREAD is involved in population research in digestive health & development.

SPREAD Digital Medical Education Initiative

SPREAD encourages development of digital medical library to reach medical professionals.

SPREAD supported development of the Indian Consensus on chronic constipation to support care of these patients     |     SPREAD started Shanti-Nalini Memorial Award for best performance in first professional MBBS in Burdwan Medical College     |    

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